Types of Mosaic Design

Today, more than ever, ordinary people can have mosaic art anywhere. After all, even robots can be programmed to make intricate mosaic tiles. So, whether it’s for your home office, or master bathroom, it is important to know which type of mosaic design is appropriate.

Here are some examples:


Mediterranean Mosaic Design

These are perfect for swimming pools, patios and gardens. Mediterranean mosaics are commonly filled with images of water, clouds and flowers. One of the most beloved types of mosaic design, the Mediterranean mosaic design mirrors the glory of the Mediterranean outdoors. They are colorful, fun and refreshing to the eyes. Perhaps the most common pattern is the sweeping waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Often done using luminous materials that mimic the clarity of the mighty blue sea, Mediterranean mosaics are often made of semi-transparent materials like colored glass and polished stones, giving them a watercolor effect that is very distinctive and fascinating.

Egyptian Mosaic Design

 These are ideal for themed spaces like hotel lobbies and recreational rooms. Egyptian mosaic design normally features images of Egyptian king and queens, Egyptian religious symbols, and Egyptian gods and goddesses. This type of mosaic design is both regal and expensive looking. No wonder billionaires are very fond of them—they exude a unique air of sophistication and wealth. Egyptian mosaics are often produced using expensive colored glass and a lot of gold. Yes, gold.

Greek Mosaic Design

 If you are looking for simple yet elegant-looking mosaic design, then this one is for you. Characterized by simple rectangular and snake-like patterns, Greek mosaics are perfect for someone with a taste for minimalism. Its nearly neutral design concept is what makes this type of mosaic popular in homes and hotels. Government offices aiming for non-assuming interiors opt for Greek mosaic design. It is simply one of the most widely used types of mosaic design in the world.

Arabic Mosaic Design

 Perfect for the kitchen and other living spaces, the Arabic mosaic design is a popular choice for its geometric and star-like patterns. It is so beautiful and fascinating to look at that people do not just use it on the floor, but on the walls and ceilings as well. Made of highly polished stones, Arabic mosaics are designed to catch natural light to mimic the brilliance of the stars. Colored glass is sometimes used to make some patterns look more like jewels.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that anyone can make classical-looking mosaics nowadays. With the help of modern techniques, particularly those involving automation, any type of mosaic design can be achieved in record time. With that, there’s only one question when it comes to these mosaics. How far can your imagination take you?