The one day workshops are designed to come along and have a taste of mosaic art and to have some fun. It leaves the more serious business of mastering traditional mosaic techniques to the weekend workshop.


Students are continually telling me that a day of being focused on creating their mosaic has been the best stress management technique. So you not only manage your stress but you make a beautiful mosaic to take away in the process.

Organise your own group of six for a one day workshop and receive a 10% discount on enrolment fee. Contact for more details.


The one “dayer” is a great introduction to mosaic, that gives you the opportunity to decide if pursuing more structured training in this timeless art is your next step. Or maybe just come along to have a bit of fun and to create a mosaic of your own at one of these workshops:


Weekend Workshops Beginners Traditional Techniques

The beginners workshop runs over one weekend and aims to teach the basic techniques of mosaic in a relaxed and fun environment. Participants to date have been thrilled with their completed masterpieces (take a look at the Beginners’ Workshop photo above) and have gone away, confident to apply their skills to the next project.

We are always available to provide ongoing advice to all our students and has just as much fun as them in every workshop.

Day One
Commences with an enthusiastic interactive session when participants decide on the design for their mosaic piece. Professional artist has loads of inspirational images to get those creative juices flowing and her experience can guide you in choosing a design that is manageable yet challenging for your first mosaic learning experience. This is followed by a recovery coffee (tea, juice) then down to work…

To start, a session on some ancient rules and mosaic traditions provides students with a good foundation on the principles and techniques of mosaic art and construction methods. “Hands on” happens before lunch with everyone participating in some tile/glass cutting practice. You then get to select your colour palate from the beautiful Italian made glass tiles. (Please note: a basic range of tile colours is available as part of the course fee, however if you choose you can purchase additional colours for your mosaic, a wide selection is available.

By this time you will have decided on your design, traced it onto your backing board, selected your tile colours and have an understanding and some practice at cutting the shapes required to create your own unique mosaic. Our expert tuition will continue to guide you as you commence the construction of your mosaic into the afternoon.

Day Two
Day two continues with working on your mosaic as artist continues to run you through more of the technical know how. Comprehensive course notes are provided. At the end of the weekend you will have learnt about:

Cutting tiles, making shapes
Some ancient and modern rules about making mosaics
Basic design principles
What adhesives to use and when
A range of mosaic techniques
How to grout your completed mosaic
Workshop safety
How to set up a home work space
Book recommendations
Where to get supplies

You go home with your own beautiful mosaic and lots of knowledge and enthusiasm to start mosaic no. 2 & set up a workspace at home, or skilled up to return to an intermediate workshop to take on your own project in the future. Tuition and materials included in the course fee.